The K-Jewel Gallery is more than a place for art exhibition, it’s an experience. Have you ever walked into a high-end art gallery and seen the broadcasting rooms of not one, but two radio stations as a backdrop? Not likely. Add to that the interesting nuance of one of those stations being the home of Fresno’s ESPN radio. Sports supporting the arts. What a concept.

Each month the gallery shows rotate for a community-wide event called, “ArtHop.” The gallery features the Central Valley’s premiere artists. That’s only the beginning! Opening “ArtHop” night is a gala gathering with live entertainment and wonderful Hor d’Oeuvres serving anywhere from 700 to well over 1000 patrons coming to enjoy the art, the music, the treats, the social interaction and most of all the pristine ambiance of this wonderful gallery – housed in an historic brick-built building in Fresno’s famous downtown area now recognized as the Mural District.

The K-Jewel Gallery is an experience, a place of discovery, a cultural phenomena that has blossomed from the dreams of gallery owners John and Katie Ostlund. John and Katie, along with their dear friend and supportive partner, Chris Pacheco, from the ESPN side of their organization have demonstrated that dreams can become reality. Who better to experience the magic of one’s imagination than the local artists who now have a venue to realize and showcase their creative ambitions? All this and more are part of the deep-rooted substance of the K-Jewel Gallery.

Art Hop

Art Hop

Join us for Art Hop in the K-Jewel Art Gallery the first Thursday of every month from 5-8pm! We feature some of the BEST artists around and always have live music to keep your toes tapping. And of course, don’t forget the delicious bites catered from Classic Catering!!!

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Marc Blake Bio

Marc Blake – Curator/Photographer

Marc Blake is the K-Jewel Gallery curator. Marc studied art history in France and Italy as a youth which put him on a path of discovery to apply what he learned to his own work as a young photographer. Throughout the years he continued to make creative commitments and increased his artistic skills through music, songwriting, video production and creative writing. He started his own company at the age of fifteen when he and his lifelong childhood friend started the California Leather Company. As manufacturers and retailers, they became very successful with trend-setting designs that were sold from Oklahoma to California.

After selling his company, Marc became an independent marketing consultant designing campaigns for major corporations. Combining his expertise and skill sets in a number of artistic areas along with innovative ideas provided his clients with a one-man shop for many of their needs.

Marc Blake’s photography and video productions contain a certain intrigue and personality that attracts people to his work.

Marc is an avid art lover himself. He was raised and influenced in the arts by his father, a cartoonist that worked for Disney and his mother who used to dance with Gene Kelly,

The artists and exhibitions he brings to the K-Jewel Gallery vary from month to month attracting large volumes of gallery visitors always expecting something new and exciting – and Marc delivers exactly that – each time.