Jeff Bridges’s “The Dude” and Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Carrie Bradshaw” — two iconic characters from, respectively, The Big Lebowski and Sex and the City — have been united in a Superbowl ad which finds them exchanging their preferred drinks of choice for beer; particularly Stella Artois. 

n addition to promoting the alcoholic beverage, the ad is also part of the “Pour it Forward” campaign launched by, a non-profit cofounded by Matt Damon. Every Stella purchased also provides a donation to give access to clean water in the developing world. Bridges teased that he would reprise the role of the lead character of Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski from the Coen brothers’ classic comedy on Twitter last week.

Watch the ad with Bridges and Parker below!

Jeff Bridges Brings Back ‘The Dude’ And Enjoys A Beer With Carrie Bradshaw In A New Super Bowl Ad


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